Many of the older cars have wooden coachwork under the steel or aluminum skin, and this wood reconstruction is carried out with a craftsman’s touch. Even wooden steering wheels for our restorations can be made to original specs in our shop by craftsmen skilled in woodworking.

Alec Greaves, former McLaren fabricatorAlec Greaves, former McLaren fabricator of the successful Can-Am cars, is the only ex-McLaren team member in the US operating an independent shop. His knowledge of the old McLarens is invaluable to you if you need one restored. Many collectors seek his advice, and we end up doing the work for them.

Progress reports are sent with each invoice and photos so you can track your restoration. An agreement is signed so there is no misunderstanding as to what is to be done, and a dollar limit is put on purchases that can be made without your approval. If there are any changes made to the scope of the restoration during the project it will be agreed in writing by both of us. We have found this to eliminate “I thought you said” problems. You are encouraged to stop by at any time to check the progress on your car.

Barry Seat Cover & Auto Glass Co., Inc. handles our upholstery needs. Their knowledge of period materials and installation methods comes from being in business since 1945. If all you need is refurbished upholstery, call Gary or Greg at 574-288-4603.  

Greg is shown installing carpeting and rubber floor mats in a 1956 Arnolt Bristol, and Gary is cutting and sewing fabric for another car.

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Restorations Currently Featured:

1963 Elva Courier – (Stage 123456)
1973 Triumph GT6 – (Stage 1234567)
1955 Swallow Doretti – (Stage 12345)
1958 Deutsch – Bonnet
1933 MG J2
1955 Land Rover
Honker II