Our fabrication department is responsible for any special component fabrication for the racing industry as well as making some of those parts that are no longer available for the restoration projects. This area of the shop is used extensively to repair parts rather than replacing them in order to maintain the original part.

 jig or fixture is made in order to reproduce the part or parts accurately. We are experienced in fabricating and welding with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, 4130 (ChromeMoly), and other metals.   Here a wishbone is being stress relieved before removing it from the jig.


Special camera mounts had to be designed and built to hold the 60 pound IMAX camera used to film the IMAX film Super Speedway  This was the first time a camera of this size and weight had been mounted on an Indy Car that was capable of speeds approaching 230 mph. Four different positions were needed on the 1994 Lola along with a specially designed gimbal mount for accurate camera positioning.